Baby #2

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The news I’ve been waiting to tell you is that we have baby #2 on the way, due sometime in the fall.  We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this little one.

Everyone has been asking me if this pregnancy feels different from #1 and it’s a tough answer because my LIFE is so different now compared to when I was pregnant with #1.  The biggest difference with this pregnancy is that I was absolutely exhausted well into the second trimester.  So exhausted that when I got home at night all I could do was get our toddler to bed and then go to bed myself.  So evenings and weekends when toddler naps- my usual blogging times- have been spent asleep.

I’m now finally feeling more like my ‘normal’ self which is great.  If I was a more organized blogger I would have had a few blog posts stored up, or possibly some guest posts.  But I’m still fairly new at this, so thank you again for sticking with me.

In most ways preparing for baby # 2 feels less daunting than preparing for #1, although to be honest we have yet to actually do much.  We have all our old baby gear from the first time around but there are three major purchases we are going to have to make as a result of this baby, and two are doozies.

1) Either a crib for baby #2 or a toddler bed for Toddler

2) A new car. Mr. NTF can’t fit a car seat behind his driver seat so he is going to need a bigger car.  His current car is a ’99 so we have been budgeting for a new car for him for a number of years.  But given how little we drive, my ’05 car only has 36,000 miles and we drive his car even less, it feels like a shame to have to buy a car when his is still running.  We are early in the process of figuring out what to buy for him.

3) A house. This is the big one.  We currently live in a two bedroom condo.   The reality is that even if we were to only have one kid we would most likely want a house in a few years.  Our condo is not in a good school district and at some point I think we will want a yard.  However, we love our condo and our neighbors and neighborhood.  Unless we find our ‘dream house‘ that fits in within our new buying criteria in the next few months, we will most likely stay here into next spring.  Having one more winter with no shoveling, particularly with a newborn at home, sounds very appealing.  At this point it would take a very amazing house to pull us out of our condo.  This will also give us a few more months to save up for our down payment.

Thanks again for sticking with me over these last few months.  We are very excited for the baby but the last few months have been tough on us.  It has been great to have more energy and to be back blogging again.  Obviously I’ll have a few more disruptions over the next few months but I’ll still be here in some capacity.

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3 Responses to Baby #2

  1. Jackie says:

    I like that this post took a much more personal approach. Obviously thrilled for you guys and will be curious to see how the house search plays out!

  2. Mara says:

    Great news! I too am interested to learn any tips you have for the house search…

  3. DreamChaser57 says:

    Congrats! I assumed you were male, how sexist of me……(LOL)

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